Apr 18th PLANNED OUTAGE: Firewall update

Date: 19th Apr, 2014Start Time: 13:00 ESTEnd Time: 15:00 ESTReason: Firewall software updateImpact:We will be updating the software on our firewall to patch the now infamous heartbleed vulnerability [Click here  for information on Heartbleed]. This in no way affects any customer privacy. No systems holding customer data were affected by ... Read More »

Dec 16th Holiday Promotion!

Attention 2g2u shoppers:Now through the end of the year new domains are 80% off for the first year! That's just $2.00/yr. <cliché>But wait there's more!</cliché>Add a hosting plan to that shiny new domain and it also will be discounted 80% for the first year. See below for terms and conditions. Place orders here ... Read More »

Dec 12th Critical: php security update

Attention all customers running PHP 5.3:See the below notifiction from Red Hat about a critical security issue. Other systems other than Red Hat based systems may be affected. Please check with your OS providers to see if you are affected or for reccomended actions to patch this security hole. Also feel free to contact us (support@2g2u.com) if you ... Read More »

Apr 16th Planned Maintenance and Upgrades

Planned Maintenance: On Thursday April 18th Dell will be onsite to make repairs to svm02. All customers have already been moved off this server and no outage is expected.Planned Upgrade: Also on Thursday we will upgrade our firewalls to the latest software version. Due to the redundant nature of our network, this will be transparent to customers ... Read More »

Mar 25th Network Maintenance Notification

Our ISP has notified us they will be performing network upgrades and linking their newest data center at 1 South Street to the network ring. You may experience 10-15 minutes of downtime while they perform this upgrade.

They will be performing this upgrade on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 11 PM EDT (GMT-4).

Jan 11th Planned Outage for January 13th 2013

Dearest 2g2u Customers,We are planning to have an outage this weekend because our Technical Reporter of Operations Performance Enterprise and Repairs (TROOPER for short), has requested the day off because apparently those WERE the droids he was looking for.Ok I'll be honest. We do not (YET!) employ Stormtroopers to protect our ... Read More »

Jan 5th Domain Name System Updates - Action May Be Required

Greetings and Happy New Year:We have updated our domain name system (DNS) to allow for a more redundant and distributed infrastructure. As a result, domain zone files for domains where 2g2u is authoritative have been moved to the new system. Any expired domains or domains where 2g2u is no longer authoritative have not been migrated.For domains ... Read More »